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Business analysis studies the people, processes, resources and systems that comprise a business and observes how they interrelate. Business analysis also examines the ecosystem outside of the business, such as its customers, partners, vendors and competitors. The process usually uncovers non-obvious approaches to accomplishing goals and breaking through performance barriers.

There are different reasons for conducting a business analysis, here are few common ones:

  • Process Improvement – reducing delivery cost and time by eliminating redundancy

  • Preparing a business for sale or merger

  • Assessing the viability of a new strategy or product line

  • Making technology decisions – evaluating the capability of the current infrastructure against projected future demand

  • Implementing significant changes to your service delivery model

  • Pursuing a new market or expanding into new territory

  • Solving a difficult operational or marketing problem

  • Risk Management – identifying latent threats or risks and developing strategies for managing them

Business Planning

Proper planning plays an essential role in running a successful business.

Our experienced team can work with you to set clear objectives and develop strategies to help you achieve them. We can also help with the preparation of cash flow projections, budgeting and business projections as and when necessary.

In addition, we will conduct regular reviews of the performance of your business, providing you with valuable information and strategies to take your business forward.


  • Choosing a tax-efficient business structure

  • Take advantage of capital allowances

  • Make the most of tax reliefs

  • Planning for your year end

  • Maximizing sales and profits

  • Reducing your capital gains tax liability

  • Managing the flow of cash in versus any costs

  • Business exit planning

Financial Planning & Analysis

Fuel growth with forward-thinking information

Transparent, meaningfully and concisely presented information on current and future financial performance is the foundation upon which entrepreneurs grow. Modern enterprises can build and sustain data-driven, decision-making cultures with dynamic and forward-looking financial planning and analysis (FP&A), and fuel future growth. FP&A provides the critical transparency and analysis needed to make smart business decisions and ensure that your organization is the most advantageous position strategically, financially and operationally. Enhance Management’s financial planning and analysis experts will work in collaboration with your team to share insights into:


  • Company’s Overall Health

  • Performance Metrics

  • Revenue & Profitability

  • Working Capital & Cash Flow Optimization

  • Tax Strategies & Planning

  • Financial Insight & Business Strategies

  • Go-To Market Modeling

Wealth Management

Build a financially secure future

Understanding and managing the risks and potential rewards involved in accumulating and preserving assets can be daunting. With the help of thoughtful and professional guidance, individuals can effectively manage their wealth, navigate their financial future, and successfully achieve their deepest and most profound life goals.

Enhance Management’s Wealth Management Practice delivers an investment management philosophy that focuses on providing dynamic investment solutions to our customers through a deliberate and thoughtful investment analysis with the aim of delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns.

The unique and personal financial objectives of our customers, cash flow requirements, time horizon, risk tolerance and tax situation are all taken into account in order to arrive a long-term investment strategy.


  • Investment Management

  • Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Tax Insight

  • Risk Management & Insurance

  • Inheritance, Estate & Gift Planning

  • Philanthropic Advisory

Equity Compensation Plans

Reward employees with monetized incentives

Many organizations use equity-based compensation plans as a method to attract, maintain and reward top talent. However, outside of determining the desired incentives, design and creation of these plans can prove to be complex due to changes in the regime of the tax code, valuation and accounting requirements.

At Enhance Management, we understand the intricacies involved in creating an equity compensation plan and know how to navigate each of the complex roadblocks that companies face when deciding the best way to reward their employees.


  • Plan Alternatives Assessment

  • Plan Design & Outline

  • Analysis of Potential Roadblocks

  • Sensitively & Scenario Analysis

  • Legal Coordination

  • Valuation

  • Employee Education

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