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Technical Accounting Advisory

Address complex accounting requirements

Whether you employ a single accounting and finance specialist or an entire team, odds are you may experience a resource limitation when it comes to preparing for external audits and addressing technical GAAP-related accounting and financial reporting matters and concerns.

With complex reporting requirements changing rapidly, many organizations face a significant burden attempting to keep pace.

Our Technical Accounting Advisory Services including:

  • GAAP to IFRS Conversion

  • Lease Accounting

  • Revenue Recognition

  • Implementation of New Authoritative Guidance

  • GAAP Position Paper Support

  • Impairment Assessments
  • Tax Provisions

  • Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes

  • Compensation Accounting

  • Audit Support & Readiness

  • IPO Readiness

  • SEC Regulations & Related Matters

Transaction Advisory

Successfully navigate the complexities of your transaction

Whether the future of your business involves a sale, merger, acquisition, divestiture or other exit strategy, building a roadmap with a well-marked route is essential to successfully navigating what is often a complex and challenging journey.

With strategic and informed advisory support from Enhance Management, the structuring, negotiation and execution of your transaction is addressed in a way that supports the achievement of your ultimate definition of success. We’re able to quickly uncover critical issues and key risk factors as well as identify opportunities to maximize your position in ways that are not always readily apparent.

Our Transaction Advisory Services including:

  • Buy-Side and Sell-side M&A Advisory

  • Buy-Side Due Diligence

  • Financial Due Diligence / Seller Quality of Earning Analysis

  • Business Valuation

  • Deal Negotiation
  • Business Transition Planning

  • Succession Planning

  • Wealth Management

  • General Corporate Advisory

Risk Advisory

Balance stability and transparency

Corporate transparency and stable business practices have become inextricably linked. Operations must make the transition to this age of high-powered processes, while grappling with the increasing demand for thorough visibility of internal controls from customers, stakeholders and regulators. Stabilizing, sustaining and growing your enterprise means balancing these elements by accentuating the organization’s strengths and mitigating weaknesses from the inside out.

Recognizing and addressing deficiencies, or simply identifying opportunities for improvement, requires a keen, objective eye and the ability to blend innovation with smart business practices.

Whether your corporate objectives include maintaining compliance more efficiently,
correcting troublesome processes or implementing strategies for process optimization. Enhance Management’s risk advisory specialists are dedicated to helping you maximize the performance of your operations.

Our Risk Advisory Services including:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Planning & Compliance

  • Pre-IPO SOX Compliance Planning & Strategy

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing & Co-Sourcing

  • Target Acquisition Control Assessment & Acquisition Compliance

  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Operational Performance Review

  •  Business Process Implementation, Enhancement or Integration

  • Corporate Governance Assessment

IT Advisory & Cybersecurity

Turn technology into an advantage

Business effectiveness and IT go hand in hand, which is why it’s important to invest in practical solutions that exist at the nexus of deep technical knowledge and solid industry, financial and business experience.

Whether you are seeking strategic consultation on key IT initiatives, support for the management of your infrastructure or development of a customized business application, Enhance Management’s business-minded approach is critical to maximizing your return on investment.

Additionally, with the number of security breaches rising steadily each year, it’s essential for organizations effectively assess their cyber risk management operations and implement sound systems and best practices to mitigate growing cyber threats.

Our IT Advisory Team provides a full range of proactive technology and cybersecurity solutions to combat today’s growing IT challenges, including:

  • Strategic IT Consulting

  • Project Management

  • IT Compliance & Internal Controls

  • Infrastructure & Network Management

  • Application Development

  • Desktop Support Services

  • Data Privacy & Protection

  • Cybersecurity Assessments

Litigation Support

Financial insight during litigation

Litigation support services from Enhance Management provide attorneys and their clients with a clear, concise financial picture of the litigation matter at hand. The intuitive financial insight of the Enhance Management team plays a key role in assessing legal options and facilitating litigation strategy development.

We assist your litigation team in everything from analyzing, interpreting and summarizing complicated financial information and scouring the books for hidden data or transactions to performing business valuations and assessments of lost profits and economic damage. We can also conduct financial investigations that get to the bottom of shareholder disputes and ease the sometimes cumbersome process of business separation.

Our Litigation Services including:

  • Economic Damage Valuation

  • Financial Analysis of Proposed Legal Options

  • Support for Settlement Negotiations

  • Partner/Shareholder Disputes

  • Tax Litigation
  • Personal/Enterprise Goodwill Separation

  • Bankruptcy

  • Insurance Claims

  • Expert Witness Testimony & Reports


Determine its worth

Whether it is to meet financial reporting or tax compliance obligations, to assist in litigation procedures, or to provide a strategic planning opportunity for a potential future transaction, proper and accurate valuation is essential to guide your economic interests. Using qualified valuation specialists to determine the value of a business, tangible / intangible assets or liabilities, or individual securities, can give you a competitive edge and ensure a more advantageous and profitable future for you and/or your organization.

Our Valuation Services including:

  • Financial Reporting
    o  Stock-Based Compensation
    o  Purchase Price Allocation
    o  Goodwill and Other Intangible Asset Impairment
    o  Embedded Derivatives & Hedging Activities
    o  Fair Value Measurements

  • Tax Compliance
    o  AICPA Compliance Opinions for Stock Options
    o  Asset Election in Stock Transaction
    o  Property in Exchange for Services o  Charitable Donations
    o  Net Operating Loss Studies
    o  Gift & Estate Tax

  • Litigation & Advisory
    o  Pricing Analysis for Cash Flow Based Lending
    o  Personal and Enterprise Goodwill Allocation
    o  Buy-Side or Sell-Side Assistance
    o  Employee Stock Ownership Plan Setup & Valuation (ESOP)
    o  Shareholder Buy/Sell Agreements
    o  Litigation (Lost Profits, Patent Infringement)
    o  Intangible Asset Acquisition or Sale
    o  Business Succession Planning

Fraud & Forensic Accounting

Fraudulent acts cost businesses billions of dollars a year in damages. Whether it is intentional misappropriation of financial statements or theft or misuse of resources by senior management, employees, vendors or contractors, fraud can have a significant impact on the market value, reputation and livelihood of your business.
If fraud is suspected, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. Piercing together what has happened, determining the extent of the loss, and gathering evidence to support your claim, may seem like a daunting task.

With Enhance Management’s Fraud & Forensic Accounting experts on your team, you’ll get a thorough investigation of the matter at hand to not only establish the cause and extent of losses but also determine how the fraudulent act occurred in the first place.

Our Fraud & Forensic Accounting Services including:

  • Investigation into Cases of Fraud, Embezzlement & Financial Misappropriations

  • Identification of Departures from Customary Business Practices

  • Fraud Susceptibility Analysis (IT Systems, Processes, Transactions)

  • Development, Review and/or Refinement of Internal Controls to Safeguard Assets

  • Cash Flow Analysis/Cash Account Review
  • Forensic Audit

  • Reconstruction of Accounting Records

  • Determining Cause & Extent of Losses

  • Analysis, Interpretation & Presentation of Complex Financial Evidence
  • Financial Insight for Legal Disputes

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